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  • Sofia Karim


Updated: Jun 17, 2019

I use architectural drawing as a language, not only to describe buildings but to tell the stories of my life. 

Censorship, secrecy, erasure and uncertainty are recurring motifs in my work.

Language, 2019 (Pencil on paper)

When drawing buildings on deadline you draw so fast with mouse or pen that the gestures become automatic, like driving a car. You draw for hours, often through the night. When you sleep you continue to dream about this process, in abstract.

Trimming, stitching, intersecting line after line - the building is gradually written.

When you review a drawing your pencil skitters across the page, striking out a column, bending an angle, scratching out a dimension, or bubbling a change. Sometimes the pencil is confident and sometimes it dithers. Thin pen, fat pen, Tippex, correction tape, highlighter pen and graphite. The mark-up set is often more interesting than the original.

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