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Make it Bright


Mixed media on brick,

102.5mm x 215mm x 65mm


I wonder what will happen in parliament today. If Britain’s having a divorce with Europe, it also seems to be having a divorce with itself. As John Crace, The Guardian’s political sketch writer wrote: "There are shitshows and there are shitshows”. Just over 2 months ago, heat of June, the Polish labourers on the demolition site saved me bricks to make my work. We talked about Brexit, the uncertainty of their futures. We talked about racism and how it feels. "What are you going to do with these bricks?” they asked. “Dunno…” I said, despondently, “I sometimes make paintings around screen shots of my computer drawings…” “Cheer up!” they said, “Make it bright!”


Architects must engage with the forces of labour that construct their buildings. 
My work is often sombre, but that day, my friends made me see in blues, pinks and tangerines.

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